Megan GrantAlthough I have been passionate about writing since I was a kid, my journey as a professional writer and editor started in 2010, in the entertainment industry. I quickly realized that I had found “it” — the career I had always wanted — and so began my adventure.

My work has taken me through a variety of industries, including healthcare, advertising, marketing, SEO, fitness, and nutrition. I currently keep very busy as a lifestyle contributor for Bustle magazine, the managing editor for Beyond Words, and a writer/editor for Puori. My work also includes digital marketing, primarily done through my agency, Revenue Spark.

One of my biggest goals in life is to become a novelist. I am looking for the perfect agent to partner and create beautiful stories with.

I was born and raised in Michigan but currently reside in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada, with my wonderful fiance and extremely active dogs. I am obsessed with the written word and a devoted bookworm, able to happily get lost in a good book for hours. Olympic weightlifting is another passion of mine, and you can regularly find me training in the gym.

If you’re freelancer and want to take your career to the next level, a business who needs content, or a business who wants to learn how to handle their own content in-house, contact me today.