6 Reasons Why Blogging is Important

When businesses are looking to save time or money (or both), blogging often gets put on the proverbial chopping block first. When you do this, you’re proverbially shooting yourself in the proverbial foot. Blogging isn’t the waste of time, money, and resources people think it is. It provides immense value to your website, rankings, and potential customers for a number of reasons — which we’re about to explain.

6 Reasons You Need to be Blogging

1. It’s a Chance to Add New Content to Your Website

Without a blog, your website is the desert of the world wide web. It’s the snooze-fest. It’s the fruitcake that nobody wants to take home at the end of the night because everybody hates fruitcake. It’s a barren home of a few random landing pages some college kid wrote four years ago and a Contact Us with the email address spelled wrong.

When you blog, magical things happen.

Your website becomes active, evolving, constantly on the edge of… something. It keeps people coming back, wondering what surprises await them. Your website is like Christmas morning, only it can happen every day of the year.

2. It’s a Chance to Add New Keywords to Your Website

You are doing regular keyword research, right? We’re going to pretend that you are; because otherwise, we’ll drown in a sea of tears and shame. With a static, unchanging website, you don’t have any opportunities to write amazing content with quality keywords sprinkled around. With blogging, on the other hand, you do. You can sprinkle keywords all day. ALL DAY. Sprinkle it. Sprinkle it everywhere.


Just don’t practice keyword stuffing. Google will know. Google sees everything. Google is Big Brother.

And in case you weren’t picking up what we’re laying down, more quality keywords written in your blog can equate to improved rankings. Um, hooray? Here’s why.

If you’re a baker in Las Vegas and your business appears on page 42 for the search term, “bakers in Las Vegas,” you’re SOL. You’re nada. In the words of Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank (a show you should absolutely be watching), “You’re nothing burger.” So, how do you improve those rankings? Well, there are quite a few ways, one of which is (gasp! Totally not surprising) blogging.

3. It Gives You Original Content to Post on Your Social Media

Your social media person is bored out of their skull and would rather get their gums scraped than show up to work. Do you know why? Probably because they never have enough sweet stuff to post. Blogging to the rescue!

Blogs are original content you create; and like your mom used to say to you when you came in last in the spelling bee (every single year), “Honey, you should be so proud of yourself.” Write that blog and show it off. Show it off with pride! Post it on Facebook. Post it on Twitter. Link to it in next month’s newsletter.


By the way, it’s o-n-o-m-a-t-o-p-o-e-i-a. You always forget that last O. Stop it.

4. It Presents the Opportunity to Establish Yourself as an Authority

Let’s be real: you know your stuff. You’ve studied it. Memorized it. Learned it like the back of your hand.

We never got that saying. Do any of us really know the back of our hand that well? How much time do you spend staring at the back of your hand?


People need a reason to trust you. In fact, many of them are looking for reasons not too. Prove them wrong. Show them how much you know. If you’re that Las Vegas baker, don’t leave it up to the delicious photos of your cakes on your website to convince people they should pay you their hard-earned money for a tasty treat. Explain why you’re better. Tell them about the fancy schmancy culinary school you went to. Tell them you source your ingredients responsibly. Tell them you don’t use any artificial flavors or colorings, or any weird-sounding preservatives. These details matter.

5. You’re Likelier to Show Up on Google Pages, Plain and Simple

When you write a post, that’s one more page on your website Google can index. It’s one more chance to show up in search engines. It’s one more chance to drive traffic through organic search.


6. It Could Snowball for Months (Even Years)

Let’s say you spend a couple hours (or better yet, you pay someone else to spend a couple hours — *wink wink*) writing a kick-butt blog post. You share it on your social media, and after the first day, it’s gotten 219 hits and even brought you a lead. A couple days later, you’re up to 400 hits and four leads. A week later, it’s 754 hits and nine leads. Like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going and going.

Before you know it, that blog is ranking in search engines, and the clicks (and leads) keep on comin’. All from one blog post written in one day. Blogging is truly an investment that yields returns for a long time to come.